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Creative Circle Ltd . (ccl )is a modern and well known organisation. It is a Professional ,Friendly and legitimate interior Design decor company. We have been completing the martyrdom work of reputation with more than 1275 including project we have done , Akij Group, food panda, Energy pac, galaxy resort, al fatah publication , omc group , PGR,  Korotoa Daly News lot of experience To work in the offices of famous companies like. Founding member of Interior Designers Association of Bangladesh. We design all kinds of sophisticated and eco-friendly interiors. CCL Interior an unique organisation for the residential and corporate industries in Bangladesh. Make your dream come true with usc. CCL Interior trustworthy organisation using the latest technology and the talent of the youth reputation. CCL Interior is an experienced Luxury Apartment, Morden Home, Duplex Home, Luxury Flat Interior, modern Cottage,Restaurants, Hotel & Resort, an experienced company of Industrial. CCL Interior  since 2002 Till now, it is the name of a unique organisation with high experience, reputation and expertise in the interior world of Bangladesh.

CCL interior the potential of a landscape into architecture Decorating Ideas beauty. CCL interior are craftsmen who are specialised in architectural & interior design, fit out services and interior Design & Decorate in Bangladesh. 

Review : The best interior design company. Their creativity & product quality is state-of-the-art . Customer service level is committed.

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    This is a reputable interior design company in Bangladesh . Creative circle ltd. since 2002. We have done many distinguished corporate interior works in our country, not only our name, we have showed dedication and experience. To create our place in people’s hearts creative work . It’s been 19 years long, today confidence is the symbol of our fretwork . A caveman has spent his past 19 years in this field and has gained confidence, love and profit in return. To keep this trend going on here we come again with a new name Creative Engineering solution or Creative Circle ltd.
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    creative circle ltd. mission is to work with integrity and simultaneously develop strong bonding with our valued clients.creative circle ltd. core values lie in reliability, dedication to excellence, cordial service to our clients and respect for individuals. We follow a continuous and structured process of self-development in order to best satisfy our clients.creative circle ltd. vision is to be acknowledged as a proficient Interior company capable of delivering large volumes of occupancy in designing business within a specified time, quality and cost frame while making outstanding relationships with our clients.

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    Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.

    It is  very difficult task to establish the synergy of a human mind with another person, but we have come to this task, In Bangladesh and outside of the country. How beautiful aesthetic and thoughtful use of human beings has been done. And the main goal of building a small place in a bigger area is to think and build our core. Then we showed how easily and less time it was made by skilled craftsmen. New ideas are new colours and newer textures and the celestial seal is the aesthetics of our work. Do not do any such work, match one with another. All the works were exposed to new ideas. Not just in the traditional design, but also in the new designs and new ones. There is no pair in the home, office, showroom, fair stall, bank, insurance, hotel, motel, and garden. Each of our designs has different acceptability. Efficient mechanics and taipan have reached the end of the breakdown.


    A design shows one identity and art. We design & decorate your dream as we feel your query for the following:

    HOME INTERIOR: A home is the main source of our peaceful family life. Many more positive & negative things we face everywhere in our surroundings. When we at home find peaceful accommodation. If we decorate our home organized & expecting design, we relaxed & prepare ourselves for the next step with enough strength. It is our responsibility to meet your dread if we get the chance.

    OFFICE INTERIOR: Without freshness and happiness work is not being fruitful. An organised & designed office space helps workers to provide an expectable output through their duty. We assure the same if we design & decorate your office space.

    RESTAURANT INTERIOR: Customer compelled to use the restaurant not only for eating but also for relaxation. If the customers satisfy entirely restaurant business will become different than others. Our expert team always cordially works hard for the same issue and for the entire client’s satisfaction.

    SHOWROOM INTERIOR: A showroom is a display enter of goods, where the customers always find the easiest way to take the goods. We calculate the space & attraction of the viewers.

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    “CCL IT” is a complete computer and IT-based company that launched in 2010. This company “CCL IT” has merged with “Creative Circle Limited.” The company has been at the forefront of our country since 2001 in interior and exterior design of building, architecture and graphical, construction activities. The company’s honorable Chairman, MD. Saiful Islam (Saron) has established a successful story in 19 years and massive growth in the business sector of Bangladesh. CCL believes in IT innovation and launched the first digital IT hardware online shopping site “” in Bangladesh. It always tries to bring the best quality products and provide practical after-sales service support to our valued customers.


    This Company is eagerly waiting for establishing an international digital IT School and College in Bangladesh. We will also dedicate our time and knowledge to set a district-wise digital IT shop. We will also be launching an E-Commerce business, online marketing, product boosting, Controlling, and monitoring by the CCL IT expert service team. This Team is well trained. CCL IT will arrange a certificate for eligible technicians. Our goal is to establish a revolutionary milestone in IT sectors all over Bangladesh. We are determined to fulfill our dream for the people of our country and have some plans to extend our company abroad. We have an excellent plan for an application that we can get quickly from Play Store. This app will help us get any IT service from any corner of our country. Our other focus will be website developing and software developing


    “CCL IT” comes up with multipurpose IT products, ensuring quality service and security solutions all over Bangladesh. Our company wants to achieve the client’s reliability throughout our products’ qualities, after-sale service standard warranty & non-warranty service support, online service support, online purchase, home delivery for our clients, etc. Our company’s Strength is not only quality products but also experienced human resources who continuously work for our Clients throughout their consultancy Virtually and physically. Work with individual clients by a physical and virtual consultancy. Our experts variously help them from selecting the product of following their demands to any IT-based solve problem solutions, information, etc.


    We are happy to announce that we are authorized retailer/wholesaler/distributor for the following world-renowned computer brand products:

    HP, DELL, ACER, ASUS, LENOVO, Microsoft, Intel, AMD Logitech, A4tech, All types of Security Items, CCTV, Office Equipment items, etc.

    Computer Product: Desktop Computer, Notebook, Notebook, Tablet PC, Server, Workstation, Mac

    Computer Accessories & Peripherals: Motherboard, Processor, RAM, HDD, PC Casing, Keyboard, Mouse, Optical Drive, Projector, Printer, Toner, Cartridge, License Antivirus, Graphics Card, TV Card, UPS, Speaker, Computer Table & Chair. , Home Delivery, Service maintenance contact with the corporate and non-corporate house

    Networking Product: Interactive Projector, NIC, Access point, Switch, Router, Cabinet, Cable, Connector, Wireless products, and all Networking Accessories.

    Security Product: CC TV Camera, IP Camera, Finger Print Device, Metal Detector, Firewall Devices, Door lock, Epidemic items. license antivirus server system installation, online service

    Office Equipment Items: Sound system, PA system, projectors, conferences-related webcam, digital camera, conference meeting room, photocopier, bank money counting, paper shredder, etc.


    In this circumstance, the CCL Company achieved domestic & international awards. This company outstandingly successfully motivates and inspires young generations, and the company owner establishes some other concerns under “Creative Circle Ltd.” Such as CCL IT, CCL Construction, Architectural, Design Chamber, Spider, Destinations tours & travels, CCL academy, etc. CCL IT is one of the most upcoming potential concerns of CCL.


    Within this time, CCL IT is now working with FOOD PANDA throughout 64 districts and serves them CCTV, new items installation, and maintenance service contracts. We have also worked with many well-known corporate offices like DELTA, AKIZ GROUP, AKTEL,UNITED GROUP, TOP ONE GROUP, PQS GROUP,RANCON MOTOR BIKES, HAVAL, CAML ETC.We follow some terms and conditions to give a Credit to new corporate offices. We like to work those corporate offices that have an excellent reputation reliability legal papers and honesty. Our initial limit for any new corporate office would be 1 lakh taka for a maximum of 25 to 30 days.


    “CCL IT is fully IT based company and our COMPANY SLOGAN is “creative IT solution”. Alhamdulillah, we also success to launch a quality IT-Based Web site with all types of computer items, hardware & accessories by our standard online shopping website “ ” in Bangladesh. We are also active by our Facebook Group & Page link  “” & also what’s up group, messenger Group. We are also active by our own official email address as below:,,,,,,,,,,, at the end:


    CCL IT that is fully IT based company and we have continued our business in our domestic country “BANGLADESH” by following all types of Govt. rules and regulation. For smooth business CCL IT up-to-date with all types of necessary official documents like Trade License, BIN, TIN, TAX, incorporation, Bank Solvency certificate and we also maintain all types of transactions by our company bank account under city bank ltd.


    About our customer satisfaction, CCL IT doesn’t believe in special discounts and gift offers. But from time to time we have to maintain this system. If any customer believes that discount and gift offer is the main reason for his IT purchase I think maximum times he will miss quality. We will always try to prove our honesty in selecting any IT Goods for my client. As a Muslim or any alt religious salesman or women have to think (Our Prophet Said) what I like best for myself you must select this same thing for your brothers. Everybody knows that honesty is the best policy for continuing regular business


    Name “CCL IT” Sister Concern of “Creative Circle Ltd. 
    Business Address 1, NEW ESKATION, RAIN RAZZAK PLAZA, 3RD FLOOR 4-b, DHAKA-1217,PHONE: +8801611254936,,,,,,,,,, at

    Hotline Cell No.+8801611254936
    Nature of Business Computer IT , Network products and Software
    Products of Business a)Computer Product: Desktop Computer, Laptop, Brand PC, MacBook,Tablet PC, Brand/Clone Server, workstation, CCTV, Microsoft
    b) Computer Accessories & Peripherals: Motherboard, Processor, RAM, HDD, PC Casing, Keyboard, Mouse, Optical Drive, Projector, Printer, Toner, Cartridge, License Antivirus, Graphics Card, TV Card, UPS, Speaker, Computer Table & Chair,
    c) Networking Product: CC TV Camera, IP Camera, Finger Print Device, Interactive Projector, NIC, Access point, Switch, Router, Cabinet, Cable, Connector, Wireless products and all Networking Accessories.
    Human Resources of the Company Manager – 1 positions
    Senior Manager – 3 position
    Sales Executive – 05 positions
    Service – 05 position
    Account Manager- 2 position
    Chief Finance Officer (CEO,CFO) – 02 position

    Thanking you,

    “CCL IT” Sister Concern of , Creative Circle Ltd. Creative Engineering Solution

    Md. Saiful Islam. (Chairman)

    HEAD OFFICE: 1, ESKATON, 3RD FLOOR,4-B,DHAKA-1217, Phone: +88-02 ,9348747, Mobile: +88-01976677297, E-mail: , ,


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    About Us: CCL Construction

    The Beginning

    CCL Construction started its journey with the view to support the growing infrastructural needs of the country. With extensive of experience in this field, the CCL (Creative Circle Limited) team envisioned the gap in the market for quality engineering and construction companies and foreseen potential growth opportunities in power, telecom, railway, and water resources division, oil & gas and infrastructures.

    Thus, amid drastically evolving business environments, CCL was established with bold inspiration and changes that will enable businesses to achieve leaps and bounds. Since then, under the focused leadership, CCL has been engineering and developing various national & international level projects with top-notch quality which led the company to rise above the competition. The distinguishing factor for CCL has always been its ability to provide tailored solutions to clients which have been responsible for raising the client services bar of the industry.

    CCL Today

    Today, CCL has established itself by successfully undertaking numerous national-level projects and is uniquely poised to attain leadership positions in its areas of operation. As one of Bangladesh’s leading business entities, CCL has been driving growth in the domains of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), over a commendable period. Its continuous focus on innovation and expansion together with its commitment to quality and excellence has contributed significantly to the progress that the company has made over a short span of time.

    Additionally, with high-level professionals and technicians in various fields, the company boasts powerful technical strength and introduces the most advanced technology available in modern engineering and construction.

    Design & Engineering

    CCL is affiliated with a rich pool of renowned international Design and Engineering institutions and EPC Contractors. Through years of collaborative work experience, it has a highly skilled team of designers and engineers from a variety of discipline including: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Piping and Structural as well as advanced specialties such as simulation, integrated automation processes and interactive 3D modelling. CCL Structural Engineering and Designing services are all precisely modelled and tested according to the project requirement in compliance with the latest BNBC/ASCE/ACI Code & Regulations. Our engineers are leading the local market by taking advantage of specialized software such as ETABS, STAAD PRO., SAP and Auto CAD, 3D MAX, SKETCH-UP.


    CCL has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of construction execution; including complete Civil Works, Electrical Installations, erections, Testing and Commissioning. Our team of multi-disciplinary specialists works together during all phases of the project to optimize construction activities, deliver predictable results and maximize the effectiveness of capital spending.

    Project Management

    Our Project management approach precise processes, impeccable planning and a seamlessly integrated construction and monitoring management system allow the CCL EPC team to ensure smooth execution and timely completion of projects. The other benefits of these systems are achievement of optimum results through the best use of our resources while subscribing to excellence in quality. For every project, project activities are entered into a master network schedule linked to the master package list. A daily review mechanism and meetings at site with all concerned parties ensure that critical activities are tracked daily to avoid bottlenecks and delays.


    To be a world-class construction and infrastructure enterprise driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, cutting-edge technology and execution of excellence.


    Quality: To be an innovative entrepreneurial and empowered company constantly creating value and attaining global benchmarks. We shall focus on performance and act decisively with high energy to achieve the desired results.

    Integrity: To demand from ourselves and others the highest ethical standards and practices. We strive for consistency between – what we think, what we say and what we do.

    Accountability: To be accountable and continuously strive to improve our performance, measuring results carefully, and ensuring that integrity and respect for community is never compromised.

    Relationships: Committed to foster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting the expectations of employees and stakeholders and work for the betterment of the society

    CCL Team

    At CCL, we believe that the organization’s largest and most valuable asset is its people. Their knowledge, expertise and skills combined with their energy and commitment are the engines that drive business growth and success.

    We seek to create an environment where there is a feeling of camaraderie and good fellowship, where people get to work with alacrity and confidence, where they like the people they work with, and where they think of themselves as partners instead of employees.

    • Saiful Islam Saron (Chairman)
    • Shamsun Nahar Sumi (Director)
    • Mohammad Didarul Ahsan (Finance Director)
    • Radha Gobinda Debnath (Chief Architect)
    • Minhazul Islam (Chief Engineer)
    • Mahfuzur Rahman (Project Coordinator)
    • Rifatul Islam (Project Engineer)
    • Razaul Karim (Project Engineer)
    • Oliullah Sheikh (Asst. Project Engineer)
    • Nur Uddin (Asst. Project Engineer)
    • Jalal Kabir (Site Engineer)
    • Mushfiqur Rahman (Site Engineer)
    • Mizanur Rahman (Site Engineer)
    • Arif Ahmed (Adviser of 3d Design & Animation)
    • Shohidul Alam Parvez (Chief Artist CCL)
    • Nurul Islam Khan Mamun (IT & Media Coordinator)
    • AK Azad (Photographer)
    • Asm Bashir Shihab (Event Coordinator)
    • Mukith Hossain Saad (Interior Designer)
    • Nasrin Akter (Interior Designer)
    • Baten Elahi (Interior Designer)
    • Sharif Mohd Musfiqur Rahman (Event Coordinator)
    • Shourov (Graphics Designer)

    Human Resources

    Skilled & Experienced Workforce

    We have capable human resources enriched with skill, experience and knowledge. Our workforce can provide a one-stop solution for all your relevant industry needs in Bangladesh. Our engineering team includes site supervision expertise including all planning, scheduling and site management to meet contractors delivery, construction commissioning test and hand over programs We provide design support for consultants, contractors and clients for designing systems needs in an efficient and economical way. Our technicians/engineers are available within a reasonable time to attend technical problems. Speak to one of our advisers to find out more about how we can help to lead your business to ultimate success.


    Industry Focused

    Since CCL specializes in power and infrastructural development, hence, these two sectors of our business is managed by separate and competent business teams. We are continuously making promising development of services to achieve a higher level of satisfaction and thus progressing towards excellence.


    Code of Conduct


    CCL code of conduct serves as a guideline for our daily business interactions, reflecting our standard for appropriate behavior and our corporate values. The code clearly conveys to each of us that the manner in which we achieve our business results matters just as much as achieving them. The CCL code of conduct applies to all the CCL persons, including directors, officers and all employees of the Company.

    Most importantly, each employee is responsible for demonstrating integrity and leadership by complying with the provisions of the code of conduct; Global Business practices guidelines, Company policies and all applicable laws. By fully including ethics and integrity in our ongoing business relationships and decision-making, we demonstrate a commitment to a culture that promotes the highest ethical standards. Complying with the code is easy to ensure by using good judgment and seeking guidance when questions arise. Each of us is responsible for our decision-making and for our compliance with the code.

    If you have any questions or concerns about interpreting or applying the Code of Conduct or any related CCL standard, policy or procedure, you should discuss the situation with your reporting Manager, HRD, Chairman/Managing Director of the company.  No adverse action will be taken against anyone for complaining about, reporting, or participating or assisting in the investigation of a suspected violation of the code of conduct unless the allegation made or information provided is found to be intentionally false. To the maximum extent possible, CCL will maintain the confidentiality of all complaints.

    National Interest

    CCL is committed to benefit the economic development of the countries in which it operates. CCL shall not undertake any project or activity to the detriment of the wider interests of the communities in which it operates.

    CCL management practices and business conduct shall benefit the country, localities and communities in which it operates, to the extent possible and affordable, and shall be in accordance with the laws of the land.

    CCL in the course of its business activities shall respect the culture, customs, and traditions of each country and region in which it operates. It shall conform to trade procedures, including licensing, documentation, and other necessary formalities, as applicable.

    Political Non-alignment

    CCL shall be committed to and support the constitution and governance systems of the country in which it operates. CCL shall not support any specific political party or candidate for political office. The company’s conduct shall preclude any activity that could be interpreted as mutual dependence / favour with any political body or person, and shall not offer or give any company funds or property as donations to any political party, candidate or campaign.

    Excellent Working Relationships

    At CCL, we take pride in the strong personal commitment of our employees and the excellent achievements that result from that commitment. But this level of commitment can only be achieved in a climate of trust, open and honest communication, and respect. All of your dealings with your peers, your direct reports, and your supervisors should be conducted as a partnership, in which each individual’s behavior is governed by an overriding commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards.


    Your relationship with those you work should be as a member of a winning team. For dynamic team relationship to work each individual must fulfil his or her responsibilities and feel assured that others will do the same. This means providing the necessary support to others, at every level, to get the job done. No individual or business unit can place its own priorities before those of the Company.

    Your relationship with those you work with or supervise should promote ethics and compliance by setting an example of decency, fairness and integrity. As a leader, you are responsible for clearly defining standards of performance and creating an environment that promotes teamwork and ethical behaviour.

    Honest Communications

    Encourage creative and innovative thinking, and if you are a supervisor, treat subordinates as individuals, provide them the freedom necessary to do their jobs. Provide suggestions for performance improvement.

    Your relationship with your supervisor should be one of mutual respect and trust. You and your supervisor are a team with the shared purpose of achieving the goals set for your unit by the Company. You are as responsible as your supervisor for ensuring that the communication between you is open and honest. Take the initiative as often as you can. Be innovative in solving problems. Your cooperation and creativity are essential to achieving the goals of your unit and the Company.

    We Believe that our Employees are our Greatest Resources

    Our commitment to caring for people is manifested in the workplace through a variety of programs designed to promote and reward individual and team achievement. You are encouraged to advance as far as you can and to make a meaningful contribution to the success of the Company. In the end, it is the efforts of our talented and skilled people all over the world that make the success of our business possible.

    Specifically Following Matters of Employment

    It is the policy; practice and desire of CCL is to provide employment opportunities to all qualified persons on an equal basis. The Company will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, colour, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law in any of the terms or conditions of employment. This includes, but is not limited to recruitment, hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, training, demotion or layoff.


    We do not use child labor. Child labor is defined as employing any person younger than the minimum age allowed by law of Bangladesh. However, in no event will we knowingly employ anyone younger than eighteen (18) years of age.

    We maintain an inclusive work environment and achieve excellence by attracting and retaining people of all backgrounds in our workforce.

    • We provide performance, festival, profit sharing & promotional opportunities that permit development and career advancement for our entire employee.
    • We pay for performance and recognize and reward contributions by individuals and teams that exceed their normal job duties.
    • We prohibit sexually or any other kind of harassment of our employee by any person in the workplace or while conducting Company business.
    • We strive to avoid favoritism or the appearance of favoritism in the workplace in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted by the Company.
    • We strive to eliminate potential hazards from the workplace and to comply with all applicable occupational safety and health laws and standards.
    • We help maintain a safe, healthy, and productive work environment, for all CCL employees and others, by:
    • Prohibiting the possession, use, sale or transfer of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on Company property or time;
    • Prohibiting the conduct of Company business while under the influence of alcohol;
    • Prohibiting any acts that could be perceived as violent, threatening, degrading or intimidating, and requiring that any instance of drug or alcohol abuse, violence or unlawful weapons possession be reported to management immediately.

    We Avoid Conflicts

    Your judgment is one of your most valuable assets. You should avoid any activity, interest or association that conflicts with or appears to compromise your exercise of independent judgment in the Company’s best interests. Conflicts can arise in many situations. It is impossible to cover them all here, and it will not always be easy to distinguish between proper and improper activity. When in doubt, consult your manager, Human Resources or the Chairman/Managing Director before taking any action.

    We Protect the Company’s Trade Secret and Confidential Information:

    CCL trade secrets, other confidential information, and much of its internal data are valuable assets. Protection of these assets, including maintaining their secrecy, plays a vital role in our continued growth and ability to compete. A trade secret is information used in connection with CCL business that is not generally known or easily discovered, and for which efforts have been made to maintain its secrecy & also other confidential information has to be protected as well.

    CCL trade secrets and other confidential information may consist of any formula, design, device or information that is used in our business and that gives us an opportunity to obtain an advantage over our competitors. Trade secrets and other confidential information cannot be publicly known.

    Your obligations with respect to CCL trade secrets and other confidential information are:

    • Not to disclose this information to other employees or third parties except on a “need to know” or “need to use” basis and, in those instances, with confidentiality designations and other data protection mechanisms such as password protection or encryption, as appropriate; and not to otherwise disclose this information.
    • Not to engage third parties to handle this information without an appropriate review of the security and information technology controls of the third party.
    • Not to post or discuss this information on publicly available websites or social media sites.
    • Not to use this information for your own benefit or the unauthorized benefit of persons outside of CCL.

    To take all other reasonable measures to protect trade secrets and confidential information. If you leave CCL, your obligation is to protect CCL trade secrets and other confidential information. You should also remember that correspondence, printed matter, electronic information, documents or records of any kind, specific process knowledge, procedures, and special ways of doing things. CCL reserves the right to restrict or terminate any user’s access or use of company information at any time, for any reason, with or without advance notice, except where prohibited by law.

    We Protect Personal Information

    We respect the personal privacy rights of our employees, consumers, customers, suppliers, and other individuals who have a business relationship. As part of their employment with CCL employees may provide certain personal information to the company, such as home and e-mail addresses, family information for benefits purposes, and other personal information. We use such information only for the reasons it was supplied to us unless an employee consents to other uses and as necessary for business purposes and consistent with local laws.

    We Adhere to Press and Media Request

    Requests for CCL financial or business information from the media, press, financial community, or the public must be referred to the Managing Director of the company. It is critical that no employee respond to any such inquiry or contact themselves, because any inappropriate or inaccurate response, even a denial or disclaimer of information, may result in adverse publicity and could otherwise seriously affect the Company’s legal position.

    We Maintain & Protect CCL’S Assets, Reliable Records, and Reports

    Company assets and liabilities should be properly recorded and appropriately valued. Company assets, facilities, or services must be used only for lawful, proper, and authorized purposes. The theft of money, property, or services is strictly prohibited. CCL equipment, systems, facilities, must be used only for conducting business or for purposes authorized by management. You are personally responsible not only for protecting CCL property entrusted to you but also for helping to protect the Company’s assets in general. You should be alert to any situations or incidents that could lead to the loss, misuse or theft of Company property and you must report all such situations to your manager or Managing Director as soon as they come to your attention.

    The financial position of our Company and the results of its operations must be recorded in accordance with the requirements of the law through the annual budget. Company policy, as well as the law, requires CCL is to maintain books, records and accounts that accurately and fairly reflect the nature of the business transactions.

    We Deal Ethically With Suppliers and Customers

    Our aim in conducting our purchasing operations is to ensure continuous, reliable sources of supply. Honest dealing with customers and suppliers is essential to sound, lasting relationships. We view our suppliers as partners and expect them to make a reasonable profit. Decisions are based on objective criteria such as price and quality, as well as a vendor’s reliability and integrity. Giving or receiving any kickbacks, bribes, or similar payments of any sort is prohibited.

    We extend no personal favors to customers on prices, promotional allowances, marketing assistance, or the like; we treat all customers on the same business basis. Dealings with customers and suppliers are discussed in the section of this Code addressing our responsibilities under the competition/antitrust laws.

    We Demonstrate Our Commitment to Universal Human Rights

    CCL is committed to respecting for human rights. CCL practices and seeks to work with business partners that promote the following standards:

    • equal opportunity for all employees at all levels regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law in any of the terms or conditions of employment;
    • A safe and healthy workplace protecting human health and the environment;
    • Paying employees a wage that enables them to meet at least their basic needs, and providing employees the opportunity to improve their skills and capabilities;
    • Respecting employees’ lawful freedom of association; and
    • Working with governments and communities in which we do business to improve the educational, cultural, economic, and social well-being in those communities.

    Health, Safety, and Environment

    CCL shall strive to provide a safe, healthy, clean, and ergonomic working environment for its people. It shall prevent the wasteful use of natural resources and be committed to improving the environment, particularly with regard to the emission of greenhouse gases, and shall Endeavour to offset the effect of climate change in all spheres of its activities. CCL, in the process of production and sale of its products and services, shall strive for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

    The Code applies to all of CCL’S Personnel and Company Activities

    The Code is applicable to everyone who works for the CCL and its subsidiaries, including officers, and also applies to the Company’s directors and agents in accordance with applicable law. CCL code of conduct is available of our website & management team. All of the CCL employees are need to read, understand and comply with the code of conduct. However, compliance does not just happen; it requires a commitment from each of us.

    The Best of Professionals

    Creative Circle Ltd. (CCL) intends to assist clients to make their decisions easier & comfortable. We also emphasize that to fulfill the quality & quantity of customer demand. It’s a commitment to provide their service in round the clock with its excellence. We can assure you that we can render the best service that you needed.

    Our Clients

    Based on our management philosophy, we hold that the client’s success is our success. That is why many of the leading projects in Bangladesh choose and trust CCL as their most preferred project consultant and supplier.

     BANGLADESH POWER  DEVELOPMENT BOARD (BPDB)                        



    PETRO BANGLA                                                     BAPEX
    CAL MAX Euro Zone Group
    United Group Top One Group
    Sanjay group Root Group
    Galaxy resort ltd NATIONAL FINE ARTS LTD.


    “I have nothing but positive words to express my appreciation of the services provided by Creative Circle Ltd Her creative problem solving plus the time she saved us made the whole experience a pleasure rather than a chore. We have had many compliments on the work Karen has done in our home and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”- Mr. Israq Kabir, Grameenphone.

    “I recommend franchise ownership. The training, corporate, regional and peer support and camaraderie, and the national and local marketing and PR programs are invaluable. But first assess your financial assets, your strengths and weaknesses, and your ability to work really, really, hard and long days before you take the plunge. But once you do, it is so worth it! There is no perfect job, but this is as close as I am ever going to get!” – Mr. Zahirul Huq, Aktel.

    Our Location

    If you need any help with building construction, engineering project, procurement, interior designing; contact Creative Circle now. We will listen to you, offer you the suggestion and even put together a quick quote for you so that you know exactly what you need to do next.

    Corporate Office:

    Address            :           1, New Eskaton, Rain Razzak Plaza, (Level-3, 4-B), Dhaka-1217

    Phone              :           +88-02 9348747

    Mobile             :           +8801611254936, +8801612254936, +8801712254936

    E-mail            : ,

    Web                : , fb/creativecirclebd

    Khulna Office:

    Address           :           99, Mollik Shopping Complex (Level-6), Jessore Road, Khulna-9100

    Mobile            :           +8801712152106, +8801611254936

    E-mail             : 

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    It’s very important for an organizer to organize beautiful events, festival, or new ideas. Creative Circle arrange wedding ceremony, birthday party, company opening, fair arrangement, Pahela Baishakh or local heritage was brought to foreigners, we had a great contribution. In fact, we started thinking of this kind of thinking that by now 22 years ago, a company is holding its hands. Or Somebody too Is our officer or employee. It's good to think, we started the first and we' re going to move ahead with our minds and now start your own. Here's our success to success.W e introduce a new look for new imagination through event management for which the company, government, non-government organization's name is Creative Circle. Whose right time is a good and proper arrangement, our only worthiness and strength

    The event always depends on the place, time, situation, weather, accommodation etc and our expertise is we properly utilize them. Meeting, conference, seminar, campaign, the verity of trade fair, occasion management system is event management and professionally we are an expert on this field. We manage the following events:

    WEDDING: Wedding ceremony, birthday celebration as well as any kind of personal occasion we arrange and keep in your memorizing a long time.
    FESTIVAL: All the social occasion celebration such as holly eid, puja, x-mas day, boddhya Purnima, Milad mouthfeel etc we arrange and manage smoothly with memorial status.

    CORPORATE: Corporately we arrange and manage the meeting, conference, seminar, picnic, stage-show, campaign etc as customer demand.

    FAIR: National & International trade fair (Indoor & Outdoor) we arrange and manage since long with the entire satisfaction of the client.

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SARON Founder and Chairman, CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD – creative media solution is one of the most sought-out Life, design  Business and designer Career in the Corporate Industry. SARON is also the former Director of the creative circle, design chamber, pyramid interior, fusion interior &  them pals.

SARON is a prominent DESIGNER & PHOTOGRAPHER in the industry. He is in the industry for more than 17 years and has helped thousands of workers and professionals to grow. He holds a reputation in the industry for facilitating students; executives and entrepreneurs learn Branding, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Leadership, Delivery, and Management. saron’s rich experience in driving the business has helped many companies turn their tables, and achieve a state of profitability.

Saron also has few ventures under his name, and one of which is into interior design education.          He has changed the dynamics of the traditional education system by implementing an e-learning system. Saron also a photography, has been a international National-level photography in the past. He has also been an official photographer for television magazine, diplomat magazine.

Saron is currently super active in the design’s educational sector and other business ventures. His expertise is valued amongst students and professionals, and his vision of building the nation is lived by many others as well.

Saron Chairman and Founder, CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD – creative media solution has proved his mettle in the past. He has been conferred on ex-in awards. He as a former director has brought laurels to ccl in past. The CCL also got covered in the media for a variety of good reasons under his leadership. Let us look at those:

With such a reputation, CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD – creative media solution is sure to flourish under such a visionary.


creative media solution

     Founder and Chairman 





Dear friends and prospective Clients  ,

Welcome to CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD .Our work philosophy allows us to work seamlessly with our clients to be their ‘partner of choice’. Our viewpoint of integrity, transparency and reliability has gone a long way in earning the trust of our clients. We operate in a competitive and technically challenging environment, so our success is determined by our employees who pool their individual strengths. It is this strength that gives us the ability to overcome the competition and achieve greater glory in the ever-changing evolving global business environment. Our goal is to be the first choice for our customers and our investors. We are ready for an economic recovery when it comes, but we are not waiting for it. All our businesses are focused on driving continuous improvement and finding success no matter what market conditions we face.

Professional design  is a dynamic and emerging field. It has been my long cherished dream and earnest desire to contribute to the nation’s development and bring about social transformation through design . Our all ccl  have a reputation for pioneering in pursuit of officel  excellence and achieved laurels worthy of creators and it is continuously striving for higher ground. Due to imparting quality design  and homely atmosphere, we have emerged as the preferred choice for aspiring clients . It is noteworthy that we have established strong bondage in industry and our worker are working in top ranked organizations and withdrawing very handsome packages. We are committed to upgrade and sustain the design  delivery system and industy  infrastructure in tune with future requirements.


We strive to train and equip our worker  to get placed in top multinational corporations by polishing the talent hidden in them.Our ccl has an impressive placement record and that places us amongst the best design  institutes of the country.  Our expert designer & photograper  scored top positions at state level and have been honoured with prestigious gold medal awards.There is no communication gap between management,designer ,engner , woeker ,office steap and clients .

We believe in transparency and moral ethics. I will appreciate you for sharing your valuable suggestions, feedback, complaint /grievance (if any), queries, etc. and assure you very enriching, meaningful and fruitful stay with us. I wish you all success and a wonderful experience at creative circle ltd.



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