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interior design company names, Creative circle ltd. The design business is multi-faceted. Everyone has a personal theme and it’s got life while a designer designed it. We will provide work as a product-driven designer or as a design consultant. top interior design companies in Dhaka, The product–driven designer is a hands–on designer who combines the task of conceptualizing the look of the given space with marketing a wide variety of products. This is the common track of start-up designers. The designer often markets various products and even offers free design advice if the client buys all of the products from him or her. Buyers of their products are often allotted a certain number of hours of free design advice; if more time is needed, then a per-hour fee is charged. A product-driven designer also charges a per-hour rate to customers who seek their advice but buys products from another company. Our members have been working in the business since along with a conventional reputation and a long list of references. We also focus on offering design–consulting services.

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    This is a well-known company. Creative circle since 2003 we have done many good works in our country and abroad, not only name we shown dedication and experience. To create our place in people heart we didn’t use any kind of marketing, banners or posters. A good reputation of work gives corporation to do another work. It’s been 14 years long today confidence is the symbol of creative work. A creative man has spent his past 20 years on this work and has gained confidence love and profit in return. To keep this trend going on here we come again with a new name Creative Media solution or Creative circle.

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    Our mission is to work with integrity and simultaneously develop strong bonding with our valued clients. Our core values lie in reliability, dedication to excellence, cordial service to our clients and respect for individuals. We follow a continuous and structured process of self-development in order to best satisfy our clients. Our vision is to be acknowledged as a proficient company capable of delivering large volumes of occupancy business within a specified time, quality and cost frame while making outstanding relationships with our clients.

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    It is a very difficult task to establish a synergy of a human mind with another person, but we have come to this task. In Bangladesh and outside of the country, how beautiful aesthetic and thoughtful use of human beings have been done. And the main goal of building a small place in a bigger area is to think and build our core. Then we showed how easily and less time it was made by skilled craftsmen. New ideas are new colours and newer texters and the celestial seal is the aesthetics of our work. Do not do any such work, match one with another. All the works were exposed to new ideas. Not just in the traditional design, but also in the new designs and new ones. There is no pair in the home, office, showroom, fair stall, bank, insurance, hotel, motel, and garden. Each of our designs has a different acceptability. Efficient mechanics and nipuna have reached the end of the breakdown.

    A design shows one identity and art. We design & decorate your dream as we feel your query for the followings:
    HOME INTERIOR: A home is the main source of our peaceful family life. Many more positive & negative things we face everywhere of our surrounding. When we at home find peaceful accommodation. If we decorate our home organized & expecting design, we relaxed & prepare ourselves for the next step with enough strength. It is our responsibility to meet your dread if we get the chance.
    OFFICE: Without freshness and happiness work is not being fruitful. An organized & designed office space helps workers to provide an expectable output through his duty. We assure the same if we design & decorate your office space.
    RESTAURANT INTERIOR: Customer compelled to use the restaurant not only for eating but also for relaxation. If the customers satisfy entirely restaurant business will become different than other. Our expert team always cordially work hard for the same issue and for the entire client’s satisfaction.
    SHOWROOM INTERIOR: A showroom is a display centre of goods, where the customers always find the easiest way to take the goods. We calculate the space & attraction of the viewers.

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    Creating excitement of work, new tasks that i can do. Continuous work cannot be done without enthusiasm. My new job has been found to be successful by completing a job.14 years long we have created thousands of new creative works and successes in this creative sequence of success. We gave new human face to the old man, we have shown how an event can be reached to the people in a new way. We have given a brilliant name in the world of fashion, mouchak gaushia clothes trader of Vasundhara city in the whole of Aziz super. Now everyone knows them by one name. Because of this we are able to tune up their thoughts. In the case of trademark photography not to mention the creative circle.Apart from this, our non-statutory job is to create a picture of the different MPs and well-respected businessman. Creative circle Believe in aesthetic and creative work. Creative circle believes that a new idea reached more and more by the photographer.

    Normally we say photo means picture. When a picture itself says it’s history becomes a photo. Photography is the technique of taking a photo. It’s little hard to explain everything through picture or photo. If someone knows the entire technical part, how to take the photo and maintain proper effect, focus & technique of modernity the picture becomes photography. We are one of the best photographers in Bangladesh we will. We pay out workforce in the following segment:

    PHOTO DOCUMENTARY: We make your album with practical history.

    EVENT DOCUMENTARY: We manage your all kind of event and keep a long time memorizing.

    FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY: We take out your real beauty with the different dress-up occasion.

    PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPNY: We make your products attractive & displaying position to the viewers. If you will brand your products, photograph of your products is the most important and we ensure the quality customer demand.

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    Every day people are changing instead of people’s thinking infrastructure. It’s our job to make the right type of call. Whose name is Graphic Design. Now it is not possible to think of such a thing in which there is no graphic design. We are the only organizations in Bangladesh who have come together in the home and office or any organization’s graphic design. These works are started through rhythm lines and Harmony. Without dreams, which is impossible to think.I f a person’s essential things can be made by keeping a new form, then only we can make it. That is the company logo card banner bag magazine poster or hospital report envelope etc. These can not be written or written down. 14 years was the golden age of our graphic design. We can do that. The success of our graphic design is sure.

    Photography is a creation of camera but graphic design is the creation of designer. It is always dependable on the situation, mood & thinking nature of a designer. Our specialty is we use our own & updated color, frame, pattern etc, as a result our every creation is totally new. Our sincere, honest & active team is always working for entire mentality of the clients. The followings are our creation through graphic design:

    COMPANY LOGO: The logo is the main identity of a company. The theme shared by the client we make it meaningful workout.

    COMPANY PROFILE: A disciplined profile of a company bears art, style, performance, morality etc. We spend our professional experience to focus each and every corner of your profession.

    COMPANY CARD: Card meaning a short-cut company profile. We ensure to provide our best effort through our creativity.

    COMPANY AD: Advertising is the most important part to reach the client with the business identity & category. Through our experience, we feel both parts feeling (client & provider). Forgetting the life of product & service our teamwork sincerely and cordially.

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    It’s very important for an organizer to organize beautiful events, festival, or new ideas. Creative Circle arrange wedding ceremony, birthday party, company opening, fair arrangement, Pahela Baishakh or local heritage was brought to foreigners, we had a great contribution. In fact, we started thinking of this kind of thinking that by now 22 years ago, a company is holding its hands. Or Somebody too Is our officer or employee. It's good to think, we started the first and we' re going to move ahead with our minds and now start your own. Here's our success to success.W e introduce a new look for new imagination through event management for which the company, government, non-government organization's name is Creative Circle. Whose right time is a good and proper arrangement, our only worthiness and strength

    The event always depends on the place, time, situation, weather, accommodation etc and our expertise is we properly utilize them. Meeting, conference, seminar, campaign, the verity of trade fair, occasion management system is event management and professionally we are an expert on this field. We manage the following events:

    WEDDING: Wedding ceremony, birthday celebration as well as any kind of personal occasion we arrange and keep in your memorizing a long time.
    FESTIVAL: All the social occasion celebration such as holly eid, puja, x-mas day, boddhya Purnima, Milad mouthfeel etc we arrange and manage smoothly with memorial status.

    CORPORATE: Corporately we arrange and manage the meeting, conference, seminar, picnic, stage-show, campaign etc as customer demand.

    FAIR: National & International trade fair (Indoor & Outdoor) we arrange and manage since long with the entire satisfaction of the client.


SARON Founder and Chairman, CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD – creative media solution is one of the most sought-out Life, design  Business and designer Career in the Corporate Industry. SARON is also the former Director of the creative circle, design chamber, pyramid interior, fusion interior &  them pals.

SARON is a prominent DESIGNER & PHOTOGRAPHER in the industry. He is in the industry for more than 17 years and has helped thousands of workers and professionals to grow. He holds a reputation in the industry for facilitating students; executives and entrepreneurs learn Branding, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Leadership, Delivery, and Management. saron’s rich experience in driving the business has helped many companies turn their tables, and achieve a state of profitability.

Saron also has few ventures under his name, and one of which is into interior design education.          He has changed the dynamics of the traditional education system by implementing an e-learning system. Saron also a photography, has been a international National-level photography in the past. He has also been an official photographer for television magazine, diplomat magazine.

Saron is currently super active in the design’s educational sector and other business ventures. His expertise is valued amongst students and professionals, and his vision of building the nation is lived by many others as well.

Saron Chairman and Founder, CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD – creative media solution has proved his mettle in the past. He has been conferred on ex-in awards. He as a former director has brought laurels to ccl in past. The CCL also got covered in the media for a variety of good reasons under his leadership. Let us look at those:

With such a reputation, CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD – creative media solution is sure to flourish under such a visionary.


creative media solution

     Founder and Chairman 





Dear friends and prospective Clients  ,

Welcome to CREATIVE CIRCLE LTD .Our work philosophy allows us to work seamlessly with our clients to be their ‘partner of choice’. Our viewpoint of integrity, transparency and reliability has gone a long way in earning the trust of our clients. We operate in a competitive and technically challenging environment, so our success is determined by our employees who pool their individual strengths. It is this strength that gives us the ability to overcome the competition and achieve greater glory in the ever-changing evolving global business environment. Our goal is to be the first choice for our customers and our investors. We are ready for an economic recovery when it comes, but we are not waiting for it. All our businesses are focused on driving continuous improvement and finding success no matter what market conditions we face.

Professional design  is a dynamic and emerging field. It has been my long cherished dream and earnest desire to contribute to the nation’s development and bring about social transformation through design . Our all ccl  have a reputation for pioneering in pursuit of officel  excellence and achieved laurels worthy of creators and it is continuously striving for higher ground. Due to imparting quality design  and homely atmosphere, we have emerged as the preferred choice for aspiring clients . It is noteworthy that we have established strong bondage in industry and our worker are working in top ranked organizations and withdrawing very handsome packages. We are committed to upgrade and sustain the design  delivery system and industy  infrastructure in tune with future requirements.


We strive to train and equip our worker  to get placed in top multinational corporations by polishing the talent hidden in them.Our ccl has an impressive placement record and that places us amongst the best design  institutes of the country.  Our expert designer & photograper  scored top positions at state level and have been honoured with prestigious gold medal awards.There is no communication gap between management,designer ,engner , woeker ,office steap and clients .

We believe in transparency and moral ethics. I will appreciate you for sharing your valuable suggestions, feedback, complaint /grievance (if any), queries, etc. and assure you very enriching, meaningful and fruitful stay with us. I wish you all success and wonderful experience at creative circle ltd .




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